As we come to the end of 2020, we’ve seen a year of Bitcoin’ price rise and rise, reaching the previous $20k and surging up to $30k. So what next? Is it worth investing in Bitcoin today?

Haven’t we been here before?

The last big surge saw Bitcoin’s price peak at nearly $20k in September…

Spoiler alert: no. They don’t need to and really can’t be bothered. They already know everything about you. Everything they need to. And everything else.

Are they listening to my conversations?

How many times have you had a conversation with someone about something only to have it served up in…

It’s the morning of Friday June 24th, and the British people have spoken. The EU will be 27 member states, with the UK no longer one of them. Clearly our politicians have failed to convincingly articulate the benefits of the EU and the strength of Britain’s strong voice and influence…

Jules Ratcliffe

MD @VertexPE | Co-Founder @theKeyBox | #FinTech #blockchain #DLT #finance #InsurTech #AI #IOT #cybersecurity

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